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Angelika Geerlof

By definition a mood is, “a relatively long lasting emotional state.” Landscapes and seascapes are visual representations of the world around us that convey a moment, capture an expression and freeze time. In the hands of the right artist, these visuals can evoke a mood, and when combined with the beauty of nature, visuals of wildlife, flora and panoramic vistas the moods created indeed will last a long time. Finally, when these moodscapes use Sanibel as a backdrop, “Moodscapes” is the result. "Moodscapes" combines free form poetry and photography into a variety of souveniers and products. The Moodscapes line includes two coffee table books (Sanibel Moodscapes, 2010, and Sanibel Treasures, 2014), Annual Calendars, Notecards, Magnet/Photo Stands, Keyrings, Coffee Mugs, Mouse Pads and over 100 different images that have been transformed into postcards available in the finer shops on the island. Most images can be made in to Canvas Wraps to enhance the beauty of any room in your home. All Moodscapes' products convey the author's love for Sanibel. She is rarely without her camera, and is always ready to capture the beauty of any given moment. Inspiration for her prose comes to her during her long, reflective, and contemplative walks on the island's miles of white sandy beaches. It is then she is most deeply moved by the beauty and serenity of Sanibel.

The creator of Moodscapes is Angelika Geerlof, who holds Bachelor of Arts degrees in Art History, Art Education and Studio Arts who first visited Sanibel June 28, 2004. When she and her family crossed the causeway from Fort Myers to Sanibel she was immediately awed by its beauty, serenity, vibrant colors, brilliant sunsets and variety of shells. Geerlof simply described it as being home to her soul. Since then, and now as a resident of Sanibel, she has lovingly portrayed Sanibel using descriptive prose and photography. Her work, which she describes as a Blessing and a "labor of love", can be found in several of the elite shops of Sanibel Island.

In the formation of Moodscapes LLC, Geerlof is not motivated by fame or fortune. Most importantly, she yearns to share her love of Sanibel with others. The joy and satisfaction that others share her appreciation of this lovely place is reward in itself. She considers herself truly Blessed to have found Sanibel and hopes her work does justice to its true beauty. Therefore if you have experienced your own version of the beauty of Sanibel, you will enjoy all of her artistic creations. All items are for sale on line with free shipping and handling, some wih priority mail. All books are autographed by Geerlof and she has pledged partial profits from Moodscapes are donated to Cancer Research in the name of her late husband Raymond.

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